Forest Park Museum and Arboretum with Dallas County Conservation

Place/Event: Forest Park Museum and Arboretum
Location: 14581 K Ave. Perry, Iowa 50220 
Cost: Free/free-will donation
Grade/age range: Prek-12
Group size: Yes
Hands-on: Yes
Stroller friendly: Yes
Bathrooms: Yes
Food: No


Pete Malmberg , Museum Curator/Historical & Cultural Resources Coordinator, was incredibly knowledgeable and the kids loved his enthusiasm. There is an impressive collection of snakes and other native Iowa reptiles and amphibians.

The museum houses two large building full of displayed antiques, the conservation headquarters and Mr.Malmberg’s office centered around a unique garden courtyard. A concrete path leads down to the historic buildings; a log cabin, school and out to the prairie and creek.  Mr. Malmberg lead the children in many hands-on activities including a quiz in the one-room school-house and teaching them how to drive an animal hooked to a plow.


nest found in the prairie


The children were allowed to play hide-and-seek in the prairie. On a warmer day, the they were invited to play in the creek.


Pete showing the children butterflies

Newly emerged butterflies that Mr. Malmberg released on the prairie.

We were never able to finish all there was to see and do at the museum! Please share what you enjoyed and learned!

Forest Park Museum and Arboretum WIth Dallas County Conservation

Forest Park Museum and Arboretum


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