Adventureland in Altoona

Place/Event: Adventureland
Location: 305 34th Ave NW, Altoona, IA 50009
Cost: Prices change – check website. Some banks, grocery stores and other places will give away discounts
Grade/age range: Prek-12
Group size: large or small
Hands-on: Yes
Stroller friendly: Yes
Bathrooms: Yes
Food: Yes

Ok, so you’re probably wondering – why is this even listed? Isn’t Adventureland already scheduled on every Iowan’s calendar for this summer? YES, probably so, but just for the new people (YES there are new people moving into Iowa) – You have to come on down to Adventureland so you can have a fun-filled day! You’re going to love it, at Adventureland!

My family has been coming to Adventureland every year since I was a kid – I love that most things at the park haven’t changed and I can have the same fun and thrill with my kids as my parents had with me…

Sometimes…Too Much Fun!

Ok, I gotta say it – who has been there in the spring and seen that poor group of school children? You know the ones…they have pieces of flapping white papers and a pencil in their hand and somehow they are supposed to be learning about force and motion from experiencing the roller coaster…We decided that should be Outlawed – NO SCHOOL at Adventureland!

Adventureland River

Raging River

***Don’t forget that Adventureland has an outdoor waterpark so bring your swimsuit!


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