Field Trip TOOL BOX for the car

Field Trip Tool Box for the Car

easy to carry with handle

So, I am trying something NEW! As the kids have gotten older, I have set more challenging goals for them when we travel or go on a field trip:

  • draw a picture of what they learn or a new experience
  • make a list of what they didn’t know before a tour
  • write out 5 new things they learned
  • create a nature journal

I soon realized we were often packing a bag of needed supplies and I thought – why not keep a supply box in the car!

plater art home schooling field trip use

easy to carry with handle

I am starting with Art Plaster! Now, before you think I am crazy, hear me out…I was at a garage sale and bought this whole big set of art plaster supplies from a veteran homeschool mom who told me how she and her children used to carry this plaster with them on hikes. When they saw an animal print in the mud, they would mix up the plaster, set up a mold and make a print. They would go have a picnic or finish the hike and come back about 30 minutes later when the mold set up. I could tell from the teen’s expressions and comments that this was a memorable childhood experience with their mom. WOW! I want that too… and for only $5…Sold! Then I did it…you know what you do with all those great ideas and wonderful things you buy…I put it in the closet and never got around to it…SO…NOW No More of that! Time for making memories….

Field Trip Tool Box with Art Plaster

Art Plaster Kits ready for the Tool Box

One Art Plaster Kit ready to go! It’s pretty simple and only took about 5 minutes – Here’s what is in my kit:

  1. Labeled plastic zip bags fill with pre-measured art plaster powder.
  2. Old measuring cup for water which needs to be mixed into powder when ready to use.
  3. Plastic spoons for mixing.
  4. Strips of cardstock and paper clips to make a mold.

How to do this on a hike: (this is the theory yet to be tested) – Mix 1/2 cup of water from your jug or the stream into the powder in the plastic bag. Use the cardstock strips to make a mold/frame (see orange cardstock in first plaster picture) that is circle shaped. Place the mold around the animal print in the mud. Pour in the plaster mix and then just wait until it hardens – about 30 minutes later. *I’ll let you know how it goes!

Field Trip Tool Box for Car

packing the tool box

I added some other tools into out kit:

  • Pencils, colored pencils (Crayons melt in a hot car), Sharpie marker *still need to add pencil sharpener.
  • Tape, string, scissors.
  • Plastic zip bags.
  • Magnifying glasses, shock proof/water proof digital camera *I won’t store this permanently in the car but we plan to use the new camera a lot this summer. Our old point and shoot that the kids were using recently conked out.
  • Blank Notebooks – I made these by:
    • folding a piece of cardstock lengthwise and cutting it in half
    • cut blank white paper lengthwise and then in halves
    • staple paper into cardstock
    • trim any excess
Field Trip Tool Box for Car

all neatly packed

Has anyone else ever made a bag or box for the car? What do you keep in your Field Trip Tool Box? Anything else you think I should add to ours??? Thanks




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