The Adler Planetarium – Chicago

the Visit Neighboring States Series

We visited both The Adler Planetarium and The Museum of Science and Industry in the same day! I WISH we had not done that! I would love to return someday and spend a full day at The Museum of Science and Industry!!! If we were limited on time, I would split The Field Museum and The Adler up in one day and give a full day to MSI. We had FREE admission to all of these museums using our SCI reciprocity membership.

The Adler Planetarium is smaller in size compared to the other museums in the area but still took us about two hours to visit with kids under 10 years old. There are wonderful exhibits on the history of astronomy and hands-on features including a medieval school room where children can dress up and pretend to be early astronomy scholars. History students would love this!

Our children loved the Planet Explorers area! There was so much for them to be able to do, including sleep in a spaceship and use a pretend astronaut toilet. One room was uniquely designed to make you feel like you were walking in space. It was a dark room full of mirrors that reflected twinkling stars. We walked through this room at least a dozen times!

The Adler Planetarium

The Adler Planetarium
kids get to pretend to be astronaut

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