The Museum of Science and Industry – Chicago

the Visit Neighboring States Series

We visited both The Adler Planetarium and The Museum of Science and Industry in the same day! I WISH we had not done that! I would love to return someday and spend a full day at The Museum of Science and Industry!!! If we were limited on time, I would split The Field museum and The Adler up in one day and give a full day to MSI. We had FREE admission to all of these museums using our SCI reciprocity membership.

The Museum of Science and Industry is HUGE! And everything about it feels over-the-top and bigger-than-life! I didn’t know that there are several exhibits in MSI that you need to register for at the entrance of the exhibit and you most likely will be assigned a time for when you can come back. They call this “timed-entry ticket”; some are free and a few like the submarine tour require an additional fee. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to visit several of those exhibits because we ran out of time.

MSI is a hands-on science museum that lets adults and children explore science concepts in dynamic way!  The Science Storm exhibit was fascinating. Here, the kids try out a wind tunnel.

museum of science and industry

The Idea Factory exhibit is for those under ten and has a capacity limit. There is 3,000 gals of water that flow through this exhibit and your kids are bound to get wet! But they LOVE it!



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