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I love Pinterest; all its enticing possibilities…and then after an hour of scrolling – reality strikes! Those bucket-list adventures and exotic destinations aren’t looming on my horizon anytime soon but that doesn’t change my desire to be in the here-and-now.

So here I am, an Iowa home schooled graduate, Exploring Home with my “super” charming husband, twin boy & girl kiddos and my fluffy 15 lb puppy Toby (he’s now 8yrs old but still my baby). I drive my husband nuts because I am always wanting to go somewhere new. He says, “every campsite has the same thing; trees, a trail and grass”. “But I want to see a new tree,” is always my response.

My blog, Field Trip Iowa, is a simple place, with inspiring images and practical advice to help you and your family find that “new tree” and the hidden gems that foster learning and excitement!   



All the photography, images or graphic work is my own, unless noted. Very little editing is done. Most images are shown how I took them. I didn’t add fancy colors or filters or extras – these are the beautiful images of our state that you can enjoy too!  Please Pin and share but link back to this original site.

All images © 2016-2017 Jennifer Ciha All Rights Reserved.

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