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Before you go on your Field Trip…plan for Coming Home

Nothing ruins a great field trip day more than coming home to a disorganized (*not necessary clean) kitchen and no meal ready. One of the biggest things you can do to make your field trip day a success is to have a plan for once you get home! The “make or break” it reason most moms QUIT…

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Field Trips in your Local Iowa Community

Not every community is close to a large metro area with a science center or lots of scheduled tours, so… Find a Field Trip right in your own town, even in rural Iowa communities!   Community Helpers Police station County Sheriffs office Fire department State Patrol Iowa National Guard Hospital Veterinarian Clinic County Human Society or Animal Rescue…

Field Trip Tool Box for the Car

Field Trip TOOL BOX for the car

So, I am trying something NEW! As the kids have gotten older, I have set more challenging goals for them when we travel or go on a field trip: draw a picture of what they learn or a new experience make a list of what they didn’t know before a tour write out 5 new things they…


Field Trip Ready Car

We go so often, that it’s just easier to keep the car always packed! Playground bag – Starting when my kids were toddlers we would meet up with friends or stop at a park almost weekly.  I kept a “Playground” bag in the car. I stocked it with sand toys and shovels from garages sales (and…